Documentary photography communicates a clear narrative through visual literacy.  It can be applied to the photographic documentation of social, cultural, historical and political events. 

Documentary photographers’ work always has an intent; whether that is to represent daily life, explore a specific subject, deepen our thinking, or influence our opinions.   


Nothing creates more discussion amongst documentary photographers than the definition. This is because documentary photography covers a wide range of subjects. 

All images are bi-monthlycompetition entries
from RPS Doc Group members 

Whether you take individual documentary photographs (photojournalism, street or urban photography) or photographic essays (a group of images that hold together as a story) all documentary photography tells a story, with or without text. If this sounds like the type of photography you enjoy then this is the Group for you. 

As a Group our aim is twofold:  to promote documentary photography and to provide a forum for our members. We do this in a variety of ways: 

Decisive Moment
Our quarterly online publication.

Published around 7-8 times a year, in the months when there is no Decisive Moment publication.

Documentary Photographer of the Year 
Our flagship competition open to all RPS members, held every two years.

Bi-monthly competition
A Doc members competition for single images. 

Social Media
We keep connected as a group through the Doc micro-site on the RPS website, Facebook and Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.

We organise various workshops throughout the country, where there is interest.

Regional Sub groups
Sub-groups helps us to bring together small groups of members who have a common interest to meet and discuss documentary photography. Some regional sub-groups meet with other groups such as Contemporary. We currently have the following sub-groups: Doc York,Doc South, Doc South East, Doc Central, Doc Thames Valley, Doc East Midlands  and Doc East Anglia.